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Client Reviews on Joe D. Gonzales & Associates in San Antonio, Texas

Our Reviews

The Law Offices of Joe D. Gonzales has helped countless clients throughout the years get the help they need to get the results they deserve. We love hearing back from our clients; we use your comments to continue bettering our services. Please read the following reviews to see what some of our past clients had to say about their experiences with us.

What Our Clients Had to Say

"Joe Gonzales handled a very high profile case involving multiple counts. One of which was aggravated sexual assault of a minor. This incident had the potential of destroying my son’s life and my family business, which primarily deals with children. After hiring Mr. Gonzales he immediately went to work in securing my child’s release from Juvenile Detention (Jail). To see Mr. Gonzales maneuver in the court room, was poetry in motion. His knowledge of the law and the juvenile system became apparent when he expedited my child’s release, while awaiting trial. Mr. Gonzales and his team stayed in constant contact with us as the case developed and we moved closer to trial. During the trial Mr. Gonzales again, showed his knowledge of the law by having one of the two charges dismissed before the trial ended. Mr. Gonzales and his team handled the case remarkably, ending in “not true” (NOT GUILTY) verdict. My son was totally exonerated. All charges were expunged. When you are under fire, and you need a lawyer who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and will go the extra mile; Joe Gonzales and his team is the right choice. Feel free to call me for a personal recommendation. Dr. Wright Child Advocate"
Dr. Wright
"Our Experience with Mr. Gonzales was Excellent. He always answered any concerns we had towards our case. He made us feel very secure about the case and any other concerns we would have Alexis his paralegal was the most competent paralegal and reliable. I would recommend him to anyone. We were very satisfied with my husband’s court cases."
Gloria Morales
"I hired Joe Gonzales to represent me on a felony drug case (2-5 yrs. Prison if convicted). I spoke with numerous criminal defense attorneys but after talking with Mr. Joe Gonzales a season attorney of 25 yrs. Experience and a former judge in the Bexar County Court. I knew that I had an attorney that would fight for my rights. From day one after his free consolation I knew that this case against me would not stand up in court and that Joe has the knowledge to prove why the judgment would be dismissed. Joe was all ways on top of his profession and knowing other cases that were dismissed and why they were dismissed. Final judgment for my case was Case Dismissed. If you would ever need an Attorney I would highly recommend Mr. Joe Gonzales and his staff for your legal needs. Thanks Mr. Joe Gonzales for all your help."
Rod Chester
"From day one when I met with Joe Gonzales I was put at ease to know that I had a seasoned legal professional on my side. I was in a tough situation fighting an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge and criminal mischief over $1,500 making it a felony. Joe took me through the process step by step and met with me as needed so I can understand what was happening and even gave me a ride to court. Joe reduced my bond, petitioned the judge to release me from jail on house arrest and even got a non-related charge from years ago dropped. I now stand a free-man with the aggravated assault charge dropped and am able to move on with my life through a Deferred Adjudication agreement. On behalf of my family, thank you Joe!"
Robert Del Cid