Drug Manufacturing

Drug Manufacturing 
Defense Attorney

Have you or someone you love been charged with drug manufacturing, cultivating, or trafficking? No matter what type of drug you were involved with, whether it be illegal narcotics, prescription drugs, or methamphetamines, the charges are serious and the consequences are huge. Not only will you be charged by Texas state law enforcement, but you will also be subjected to federal penalties.

Federal Drug Attorney

Escape Large-Scale Drug Manufacturing Charges

Luckily, the Law Offices of Joe D. Gonzales offers reliable drug manufacturing defense services for people throughout San Antonio, TX. We will take the time to further investigate your case to discover any reasons to dismiss evidence of drug manufacturing. These reasons can include police entering your private property without a warrant, information came from an unreliable source, there was no probable cause or circumstances for a search, or the drugs were manufactured in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Our federal drug attorneys are dedicated to giving you a strong and assertive defense throughout your entire trial. Please call us today to find out more about our drug crime representation and to schedule your free initial consultation!

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