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Drug Crime Lawyer in SanAntonio, TX 

Federal Drug Attorney

The use of drugs and alcohol not only has harmful consequences for your health and happiness, but it can also land you in a lot of trouble. Whether you have been charged with drunk driving or drug manufacturing, or you were involved in an intoxicated manslaughter, you need the help of a solid defensive team to avoid spending years behind bars. You can fully trust a drug crimes lawyer from our firm with your case. If your relationship with drugs and alcohol has gone too far, call the Law Offices of Joe D. Gonzales.

Two people are sharing drugs.

Fight for Your Future

Fighting alcohol and drug charges is not an easy task, but the professionals at the Law Offices of Joe D. Gonzales are up for the challenge. We have years of experience defending people of all ages and walks of life and are confident we can help you achieve the results you desire. If you would like to hear more about our alcohol and drug criminal defense services or if you would like to schedule your free initial consultation, please give us a call.
We represent clients facing the following:

Also Serving Austin, TX 

Joe D. Gonzales & Associates have over 40 years of combined experience, which means weare very familiar with the criminal justice system. Our knowledge and experience make us the right firm for you to contact when you need a drug crime lawyer in the San Antonio, TX, area. We also servec lients in Austin, TX, so call us if you need a drug crime attorney to fight for you. 
All of these charges are serious, but some of the maximum penalties supported by Texas law include confinement in a detention center for a
period ranging from2 to 15 years and fines as much as $250,000. When faced with these penalties, you want to have a lawyer you can rely on to
fight for a more favorable outcome.

Rely On Us
At the law offices ofJoe D. Gonzales, we listen to what you have to say about your charges and work hard to build a case that will lessen or
eliminate the punishment for the charges. Because of our extensive experience practicing law in Texas, we have built an understanding and
relationship with criminal justice figures in the area. We know how to help your case.

We have taken over 200 trials to verdict, and we were voted one ofthe best lawyers in San Antonio, TX, every year from 2009 to 2016. We
also offer jail release assistance, so if you find your self arrested, you can call your lawyer to arrange bail.

We offer free initial consultations in which we firmly believe you are innocent until proven guilty. We take you at your word and base the
foundation of our case on your innocence. When you need to keep your reputation intact, you can rely on the Law Offices ofJoe D. Gonzales to
uphold it and provide the help you need.

If you or a loved one are facing drug crime charges, call on an experienced drug crime attorney. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling