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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

Domestic Violence Lawyer

When you need a domestic violence attorney to represent your case, turn to the professionals from the Law Offices of Joe D. Gonzales. Domestic violence, including family violence assault, felony aggravated assault, or other domestic violence charges are all tied to serious consequences. A first offense can result in up to 1 year of imprisonment and up to $4,000 in fines. Repeat offenders will most likely be looking to face felony charges and more serious penalties.
Domestic violence includes anything from assault and family violence to choking and strangulation cases. Although there are serious repercussions, our skilled defense team can help to dismiss or reduce the charges against you.
A man and woman scream at each other in front of the cowering children.

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If you have been charged with or accused of domestic violence, call our firm today! Joe D. Gonzales and the rest of our legal staff are here to help you through the entire process.